Friday, April 14

On foot in Edinburgh

As most of my forbears of the last century or two have come from Scotland,  I have always yearned to see more of this part of the world.

2017 was the year I made it happen!

Edinburgh was my first port of call on a 5 week trip to explore Scotland (specifically Edinburgh, some of the Borders and the Highlands), and to visit family and friends in both Scotland and England.

I'll be posting photographs from my trip in several posts over the next few weeks.  Enjoy!!

Views from my hotel room window.......

The Balmoral Hotel seen from my window one evening

A spectacular sunrise on my last morning
I spent most of every day on foot, walking and exploring old Edinburgh, New Town, climbing Arthurs Seat and Calton Hill, and walking several kilometres along the Water of Leith.

Spring in Edinburgh.......

Scottish National Gallery with Edinburgh Castle behind

Views from up high.......

Arthurs Seat, as seen from Calton Hill
On Calton Hill
The Castle and Princes St., from Calton Hill

Walking down Royal Mile, Old Town Edinburgh.......

Tea & cake in Clorindas Tearoom
 Some glorious interiors........

St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral

Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Great Hall

Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Great Hall

Scottish National Gallery
On foot along the Water of Leith.....

and finally, a couple of monochromes.....
New Town, Edinburgh

The Scott Monument


Joyful said...

How exciting to make a connection with your family history. The shots are all beautiful and it looks and sounds like you had more than enough to do while in Scotland. It's a place I've never had the pleasure to travel myself.

Coral Wild said...

Thanks for visiting Joyful :) Scotland was spectacular, exceeded all my expectations. I'll be sharing more pics soon. Sue

Michelle Kamprath said...

As always, beautiful photos. The walk along the Water of Leigh looks so serene. Brian and I will definitely have to visit one day!

Clangslet said...

Fantastic photos Sue, so glad you had a lovely time.