Sunday, April 23

The Scottish Highlands - Applecross Peninsular to Gairloch


The very next day after our glorious excursion to Skye, Jean and I tackled the Applecross peninsular on our way to spending 2 nights in Gairloch.

This route had come with both high recommendations and warnings, so when we saw the road signs at the foot of the Bealach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle) I wasn't sure if the slight hollowness in my stomach was from trepidation or anticipation..............

Fortunately, the snow only really caught up with us overnight and the next day, so we had a clear pass, and the most spectacular views.

looking up the Pass
a view back down from the hair pins near the top.....

views from the top - that's Skye again......
Back down on the coast, we stopped for a walk, and a welcome coffee & cake break in Applecross village itself.

Spring flowers in the woodland above the village.

In and around Applecross village.

Then we carried on, along the narrow coastal road, with non-stop views across to Skye, and then north across Loch Torridon.
My road-trip "buddy" Jean was, as always, incredibly patient with the continuous stops I made to take photos.
I'm not going to test your patience with more than these 3 favourites of mine!


By mid afternoon, the polar blast from the Arctic was making itself known with lowering, dark grey skies, and as I was also getting tired with both the driving and the camera we didn't stop too much more, except for a couple of times when we drove down the length of Loch Maree.
Scotland's Victoria Falls
Loch Maree
 It was another long, long day - but so totally worth it.


Gavin said...

Gosh, Sue, these are awesome photos. Thanks once again for sharing.

Joyful said...

I love the scenery, especially the one of hair pins taken through your side mirrors.