Monday, June 5

Diving Sodwana (1) - March 2017

Bull-nose Ray

As I had decided to take some time off from safari work this year, I wanted to scuba dive as much as possible, and went to Sodwana Bay both in March and in June.

This gave me lot & lots of practice with my new little Canon camera which apart from being great for normal photography, also came with a specialised housing for the underwater world!

I've really struggled to come up with a short-list of photos to publish in just one posting, so I'm splitting them by separate dive trip.

Potato Bass
Manta Ray
Divers with Yellow Snapper and Goat-fish
Blue-lined and Yellow Snapper
Leaf (aka Paper or Frog) Fish
Guinea Fowl Moray Eel
Giant Clam
Hawk Fish