Friday, July 1

The Savanna Baboon of Kruger National Park

Anyone who has been on safari with me will know how much I enjoy the savanna baboons of Kruger National Park. With the exception of the troops that live near, and raid the rest-camps and picnic sites!!

I've taken a lot of photographs of baboons and spent many, many more hours just watching them.

They are just so similar to humans, but without our inhibitions and social codes. Of course they have their own strict social codes and are probably a lot less inhibited about enforcing them!

This is a little photo essay of baboons doing their own thing, all taken in my first 12 months of guiding in Kruger.


Siesta time - a "senior" male baboon

Siesta time - a young male in a Mopani bush

Moms and their babies

The babies are very pink & black for their first few weeks

Crossing the Sabi River
The never ceasing, daily, forage for food - summer
and winter......

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